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Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train

This project is considered one of the most modern works on the continent. It will have a length of 58 km, 7 stations and will transport 230 thousand people daily. The rolling stock will be 30 trains made up of 5 cars with a capacity for 714 passengers. This makes it the first of its kind in Latin America.

The Mexico-Toluca intercity train project provides great benefits for both the areas that adjoin the route where the train will pass. By bringing transport infrastructure both to the western area of Mexico City, and along the Metropolitan Zone of Toluca Valley from Lerma to Zinacantepec, it will improve the access of important population centers to quality and speed services, contributing to a better distribution of benefits that is obtained from government action for promoting balanced regional integration projects.

It is stipulated that with the construction of this project, approximately 27 thousand tons of polluting gases will stop being emitted into the air each year. This is due to the reduction of around 13 thousand vehicles that will stop circulating daily.

  • Implementation phase: Under advanced construction
  • Overall Length: 58km
  • Rolling Stock: Electric
  • Service: Passengers
  • Maximum velocity: 160km/h
  • Stations: 7
  • Concessionaire(s): Fonadin-Banobras
  • State(s): Toluca, Valley of Mexico
  • Municipality(ies): 112 municipalities benefited
  • Benefited Population: 2.5 million